All About Skorts

All About Skorts

June 11, 2019

You may have noticed we've switched things up a bit at Leyland! We are now carrying our very own, private label skort line! And these babies are made in Maine-- in Cape Elizabeth! 

This is a little different for us because we started out as a wholesale retailer, buying other brands' products at their wholesale price and selling them at designated MSRP. Getting into the e-commerce industry through wholesale has been a great business and also helped to establish a cohesive brand for Leyland. We couldn’t have better things to say about our experience with all of our brands and customers!

So, how did the skort line originate? It happened very organically and outside of the Leyland business. As I’ve personally moved along through my twenties, I’ve become less interested in shorts for warm weather activewear. But, leggings are also too hot in the summer, even in Maine. When my fiancé and I would go on spring trips with our families to Florida and South Carolina, I would search high and low online for skorts in both fun colors and neutrals that had a unique flair, but options were scarce.

We began the search process for skort brands that Leyland could sell wholesale, but the right fit just wasn’t out there. So, we put feelers out for a production project. If we were going to do a private label project at Leyland, we wanted to do it right and in Maine. After all, Leyland (pronounced “Lee-Lind”) is the name of an evergreen tree that grows in Maine. It took a myriad of cold calls and testing with fabric distributors and tailors, seamstresses, factories, designers, graphic designers, screen printers, etc… but we landed on a fabric distributor in New York and set up a production office in Cape Elizabeth with the lovely Adri. It was a seven-month long project to get the first batch of skorts out, and I never could have imagined the amount of work and moving pieces and details that would go into the project, but the first batch of skorts were released on Friday, June 7th, and sold out in 48 hours! Thank you to everyone who bought a skort (xoxo)!! They will be restocked in two weeks!

The statement you can make with a Leyland Skort can be both loud or subtle, it all depends on your personal preference. With their unique stitches, comfy fit and Maine heritage, Leyland Skorts provide you with the option to add your own pinch of flair to any outfit or activity. The soft, buttery polyester/spandex blend fabrics that make up these skorts show that these skorts have more to offer than just looks-- they have the comfort and versatility to make it through repeat hills on a bike, eighteen holes on the golf course, or any hike or run on your favorite mountain or road.


Long live the skort!