Based in Portland, Maine, Leyland embodies the Maine spirit. We mix the new, exciting labels with the iconic to give you the best options out there. We search high and low to discover new brands that have a story, making every visit to our site fresh and exciting. We’re your one-stop destination for the otherwise never ending quest for the best gear and inspiration out there. It’s only because of customers like you that Leyland is able to fulfill its mission of inspiring and equipping more active, adventurous and stylish lives. We hope that a visit to our site inspires a new adventure of your own.


Fun facts about Leyland

Leyland is the name of an evergreen
tree that can be found in Maine

Leyland is pronounced "Lee-Lind"

We are headquartered in Portland, Maine

We were co-founded by siblings, Caroline and Will

Caroline is a Bowdoin College alum and Will is a Dartmouth College alum (Go U Bears and Big Green!)

Will is also a professional runner for NIKE

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