The Golf Guide

The Golf Guide

April 12, 2019

Golfing is a word that can inspire a sense of stress for many. It is a sport that is notoriously frustrating at the beginner level and can leave even the greatest athletes punching holes in the grass. In that case, if so many golfers go through this beginner phase, what is with the golf bug? People get obsessed with golf once they get the hang of it and I am starting to learn why. Whether it’s a way to network professionally, your warm weather hobby or your way to get some exercise during your annual trip to Florida, becoming a golfer really does have a myriad of benefits.

My personal journey with golf began quite a while ago, though you would never know it based on my current skill level. My grandmother, "G-Mum", put my brother and me in golf camp when we were in elementary and junior high school during our summer trips to visit my grandparents in Little Compton, Rhode Island. My G-Mum's love for the sport certainly made me agree to these camps, but my field hockey background lent itself to way too much hip action and a strong confusion about why anyone would find golf fun. It’s a sport of precision and patience, which I didn’t have a lot of as a tween.

My connection to golf started up again when I started dating my fiancé, who has the golf bug. My fiancé, Eric, was a highly ranked tennis player on the national tennis circuit in high school. Tennis was life but when a major injury got in the way of tennis, golf became his competitive outlet.

Our first vacation together was a trip to Hobe Sound, Florida to visit Eric's grandparents. Since Eric’s family has become a golf family, I was very concerned about the golfing aspect of this trip. I scoured golf apparel websites, blogs, and golf Instagram accounts for help shopping for an outfit but the beginner's guide that I was looking for was just nowhere to be found. I needed an all-encompassing guide to golf: what to wear, which clubs to buy, which other accessories I may need and a overview of the rules of the game. As Leyland was only in the works at this point, I knew that based on my personal experience, this would be a great opportunity for Leyland in the future. And here we are!

Leyland’s golf blog will be a recurring blog, with guest features and various subjects. It’s for anyone who is getting into the sport and looking for a guide. In today’s post, we’re going to go very basic. How to equip yourself for warm weather golf: equipment and apparel.



I now own my first pair of clubs. I did a lot of research, talked to golfers I know and  golf instructors from lessons. The Women’s Cobra Fly-Z was by far the most recommended clubs for an adult beginner. They are forgiving clubs that still have a lot of power. While the price of a complete set can be discouraging, you can start out with individual clubs and work up to the full set. I started out with the majority of this Cobra Fly-Z set, without a driver and putter and have been using hand-me-downs until the budget will allow me to add these to the bag.


Golf Bag

Though it’s a Men’s bag, I went for the Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 3 Stand Bag in White/Titanium/Orange. There is definitely a lack of Women’s Golf Bags that aren’t pink or purple, and I love this cayenne toned orange! It looks sharp on the course, especially on a sunny day.




Golf outfits haven’t necessarily been my outlet for being bold or making a statement, like my running, yoga or spinning clothes. I like to not stand out too much in a golf outfit, but definitely enjoy adding some subtle flare. I will definitely continue to share outfit ideas, but will keep it simple with the essentials for one outfit today.


My favorite golf shirts and polos are by far by vineyard vines. They are lightweight and breathable and you can rely on the fit not to be too tight or too baggy. Plus, they always have fun colors and silhouettes. My first polo and the one I still wear the most to this day is the Short-Sleeve Pique Polo in Crystal Blue. It fits true to size and is a stretchy polyester/spandex mix.

Zip Up:

This is an essential part of any golf outfit. You never know when the wind will come in or it could get a little chillier. I also default to Vineyard Vines for pullovers as I find their fit and selection the most consistent. I love this White Pieced Sport ½ Zip since it is a neutral color with super fun accents.


Nike Women’s Dry Golf Skirt. I started out with this simple black Nike golf skirt and it’s a great staple to have that matches everything!



A hat is essential for golf. It is a warm weather sport after all. I golf in my Leyland Lobster Hat and always rake in the compliments. The poppy hat with the blue lobster are fun pops of color if the rest of your outfit is more neutral.




Nike Lunar Empress 2 Golf Shoes

These have been my only pair of golf shoes and I have no plans on changing them out until I have to! These are very reliable and comfortable shoes and the pop of color in the White/Anthracite/Cool Grey makes them a very fun option!



FootJoy New Improved 2017 StaSof Golf Glove.

Something I didn’t know about golf when I started is that you wear a glove on your non-dominant hand. I wear a medium, left-hand FJ golf glove in white.

You should now be fully equipped to hit the range or the course and start your journey with golf! When you stick with it, it really does become fun and a great form of exercise. Stay tuned for the next installment of our beginner's guide.