Leyland x Rêve: What's In My Bag?

Leyland x Rêve: What's In My Bag?

September 14, 2020

Caroline here - Co-Founder of Leyland! On the blog today, I caught up with Rêve, my favorite local cycling studio in Portland for a fun "What's in my Bag?" series. At Leyland, we love the change of seasons: there is something about the shift in the temperatures that signals the possibility of what lies ahead. Plus, it’s a great chance to spruce up your wardrobe with some critical new staples. I shared what I am toting around in my favorite Alaina Marie Bait Bag, my fall staples, and some favorite Maine fall activities. You should also check out the amazing community and spinning, yoga and sculpting offerings at Rêve here.


First things first, what’s in your bag?

As the owner of a small business, I’m always on the run. Therefore, it’s essential for me to be prepared for whatever I may encounter through my days, so I have a whole bunch of staples in my bag at any one time.

Airpods: Whether I'm taking a call, going for a run, or listening to Spotify's latest perfectly curated playlist, I never leave the house without my Airpods. There's always a perfect soundtrack for every activity on my schedule!

Snacks: Anyone who knows me knows I love a good bar for a quick energy boost when I need it. Recently, the Purely Elizabeth whole food nut + seed chocolate sea salt bar has been my favorite!

H2O: When we are so busy, it's usually when we need to hydrate the most; however, it's also when we are most likely to forget it. Just having my Leyland Glass Water Bottle ready to fill gives me a simple reminder and incentive to drink more of it.

Invisibobble: I keep at least one Invisibobble hair tie on my wrist and in my bag everywhere I go. I never know when I’ll need it!

Mask & Lanyard: These days, I always want to be prepared so I tend to have a couple masks to choose from, that way I can match to my mood—and my outfit! If this isn’t in use, it’s most definitely in my bag! We developed the face mask Lanyard at Leyland after noticing that people don't know where to put their masks when they take them off, whether it be to eat or drink, to breathe out in the open, when they get in their cars, etc. These make wearing a face mask a more convenient experience in every kind of setting. My personal favorite is the green, it adds a fun neon accent! My husband goes back and forth between the yellow and navy. They’re also great for kids who are heading back to school and need to keep track of their masks.

Lobster Hat: I've been carrying around my poppy Lobster Hat for a dose of Maine swag on the go.

Sunscreen: I’ve been a huge fan of Supergoop sunscreen products for a few years now, and haven’t gone anywhere without my Glow Screen all summer!

Alaina Marie Bait Bag: When I'm running around town on the weekends, I'll often throw in my Alaina Marie Bait Bag to take on the run when I’m heading around town. It works great as a wallet or as a clutch!

What is your favorite outfit for an outdoor move?

I’ve been all about sets recently, which have been great for spinning, running, hiking or at home workouts this summer! I love this simple black leggings and crop combination from Crane & Lion.

Do you have a go to piece that you throw on to transition from your workouts to errands around town?

I love throwing on my Freshest Catch Sweater over a workout outfit to stay warm if I’m running errands. It’s super comfy and has some major Maine flair!

As the temperatures drop, what are some of your must have items to keep you cozy?

Definitely my Sh*t That I Knit beanies! They are super soft and warm.

Finally, at Leyland, you always curate the best go to guides for seasonal activities on your blog. What's your favorite fall Maine activity?

Hands down apple picking at Rocky Ridge Orchard in Bowdoin, Maine. It’s a very accessible orchard and they always have a wide selection of pumpkins and gourds to shop. The best part is their home made apple cider and donuts though!

Head over to Rêve to check out their socially distancing-friendly spinning, yoga and stength offerings, as well as their amazing community.