The Marj Skort



Introducing the Marj. Fun-loving but likes to be comfortable. Wants to be stylish but casual. Sporty. Zesty but sweet. The Marj is made for golf, with its longer length (15.5") and golfing gnome logo, which was designed by our golf expert at Leyland, Marj D!

The statement you can make with a great skort like this one can both be loud or subtle, it all depends on your personal preference. With its unique stitch, comfy fit and Maine heritage, this skort provides you with the option to add your own pinch of flair to any outfit or activity. Additionally, its soft, buttery polyester/spandex blend fabric shows that this skort has more to offer than just looks--it has the comfort and versatility to make it through repeat hills on a bike, eighteen holes on the golf course, or any hike or run on your favorite mountain or road. Whoever said you couldn't be both fashionable and sporty clearly never owned a Marj Skort. 

Made to move. Made in Maine.