How to host a Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving tablescape

November means the beginning of holiday gatherings and the best excuse to get all of your friends together to celebrate Friendsgiving. While we understand the thought of cooking a turkey for the first time for many guests can be intimidating - we put together a few tips from our recent experience to make your Friendsgiving a success! 

1. Invitations. Consider creating a Facebook group or using paperless post to keep your list organized.

2. Delegate. Put together a spreadsheet to stay organized and make sure you are not stuck with the majority of the cooking as the host of the party. Assign apps, drinks, side dishes & dessert to others so that you can enjoy the event too!

3. Turkey Plan. If you are hosting you are most likely doing the turkey. Make sure you call your local grocer a few days ahead to reserve it and if you plan on brining, plan to pick up your turkey the day before the event. 

4. Signature cocktail. Consider making a seasonal cocktail that everyone will enjoy. We put together an apple cider & brandy cocktail that was a huge hit!

5. Decorate and set the table ahead. This is a chance to put together a beautiful instagram-worthy tablescape. We recently hosted a Friendsgiving and were able to buy many of the decorations at a reasonable price from Target. Not everything has to match perfectly but a general color theme with a table runner, candles & flowers (we used Trader Joes) can make the table warm and inviting. 

Below are a few of our favorite items for hosting: 

Table Runner
Mini Pumpkins Decor
Serving Tray
Wine Carafe
Glass votive candle set


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